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RSI Team

    We have a strong commitment to health, safety, environment, sustainability and quality and employ people who are enthusiastic, innovative problem-solvers. They use their specialized knowledge to create value in a wide variety of industries and sectors.
    One advantage of doing business with us is that you receive a range of services from a single source. We never look at your processes in isolation, but always in a wider context. As an independent company with expertise and over 15 years of experience, we can help you systematically develop and improve quality and reliability throughout our company

    Our seasoned team of professionals are:

    Food technologists
    Environmental , Health and Safety Qualified Engineers and specialized
    Hospitality Experts
    Promoting practical Quality, Health & Safety, and Environment management based on RSI code of Conduct.
    Thinking indicatively when providing business-related solutions with commitment of sustainable excellence of service delivery to our clients.