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RSI laboratory analysis services:

Performance of analytical procedure and reporting the data is not our single mission , we committed to deliver best quality, accurate and punctual results by using appropriate International test methods , RSI offers a unique analytical package consists of fast and accurate analysis augmented with highly scientific interpretation of the analytical data to point out any problems and even any sequestered risks.

Our package also includes the traceability of any addressed problems, recommendation for any other necessary analysis to be applied and suggestion of possible solutions and corrective actions to be taken.

Our staff is well acknowledged with the wide experience in the field of microbiology and environmental microbiology. The presence of this highly scaled expertise proved us to be the best in the market to offer such incomparable analytical package

RSI laboratory service includes test results of samples, interpretation of results and the recommendation action plan for the non-conformities prevention

RSI Laboratory analysis range of services:

Microbiology Testing: Microbiology testing services include-but are not limited to:
1. Water

- Total Plate Count -Total Coliforms -Fecal Coliforms -Escherichia Coli -Fecal Streptococci -Pseudomonas Aeruginosa -Legionella –Protozoa
2. Food
-Total Plate Count -Total Coliforms -Escherichia Coli -Enterobacteriaceae
-Fecal Streptococci -Enterococus -Listeria Monocytogenes -PseudomonasAeruginosa
-StaphylococcusAureus -Salmonella -Shigella -Sulfite Reducing Bacteria -Clostridium Perfringens -Bacillus Cereus -Vibrio parahaemolyticus -Total Anaerobic Bacteria Moulds &Yeasts
3. Swab
A) Air Swab B) Surface Swab C) Hand Swab D)Throat Swab
-Total Plate Count -Total Coliforms -Escherichia Coli -Listeria Monocytogenes -StaphylococcusAureus -Salmonella -Moulds &Yeasts
4. Paints
-Total Plate Count -Moulds &Yeasts –Fungi

Chemical Testing:
Chemical testing services include-but are not limited to:
1. Water& Waste Water

-Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) -Conductivity -PH -Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
-Turbidity -Total Hardness -Calcium Hardness -Magnesium Hardness -Alkalinity
-Chloride -Sulphate -Sulphite -Potassium -Phosphate -Iron -Copper -Zinc -Aluminuim -Ammonium -Nitrate -Nitrite -Total Nitrogen -Manganese -Lead -Boron -Arsenic -Nickel -Cobalt -Cadmium -Chromium -Fluoride -Free Chlorine -TotalChlorine
-Combined Chlorine -Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) -Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) -Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
2. Food
-Ash -Moisture -PH value -Acidity -Total Suspended Solids -Iodine Value -Phosphorus
-Cadmium -Chromium -Iron -Copper -Zinc -Aluminuim -Potassium -Lead - Manganese
-Magnesium -Calcium -Arsenic -Nickel –Cobalt
Environmental analysis Testing:
It’s a tailored service scope delivered in cooperation with a governmental /non-governmental accredited bodies.

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