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Mystery Shopper Services:

Mystery shopping is an effective and unique market research tool using professional evaluators (mystery shoppers) to perform customer shopping scenarios and report on every aspect of their experience. Mystery shopper feedback provides valuable insights which take the mystery out of Service, customer satisfaction, quality improvement, and industry’s excellence

RSI Mystery Shopper Inspection Programs :

RSI Mystery Shopper Inspection to know what aspects position you as market and what area should be improved through the following Keys areas:
• Help you measure and reinforce Service Quality standards , High-Impact Standard Reports , provides detailed reports, including findings, point-of-sale rankings and any elements that customers may deem important for their operation
• Help you measure brand, Franchise and POS compliance to ensure that everyone in the company is providing the same level of service, offering the same promotional programs, providing the same POS materials, and more. We can even check pricing compliance and report on the hours the franchise units are opening and closing.
• Help you measure your customers want, Help align your company’s focus on consistently exhibiting the key behaviors that result in ,Customer delight, customer loyalty, Competitive advantages , retention and improve sales and profitability
• Help you measure what your staff is actually providing , their Jobs Interactions and your company’s proficiency at providing memorable customer experiences
• Help you with provide reliable and actionable data Report that you need to make key management decisions for your company. The data we collect can assist you with both the hiring and training of your staff, along with growing and developing the services and products you offer to your valuable customers.

Mystery Shoppers Served to Industries :

• Hotels & Resorts
• Restaurants & Café
• Retail
• Transportation Services
• Automotive
• Banks
• Healthcare / Medical / Long-Term Care
• Airlines
• Apparel & Accessories
• Fitness Clubs
• Gas Stations / Convenience Stores
• Malls / Shopping Centers
• Tanning Centers and Spas

RSI. Services Values:

• International Class Evaporators /Auditors
• Best value for money
• Mystery shoppers or customers are experienced and trained people that assess key areas, such as time, attitude, quality and cleanliness, among others, able to ‘see’ the business from a real customer's perspective.
• Assessment is based on a Checklist specifically designed to meet customers’ needs. It covers the most frequent business transactions/interactions in order to assess all the critical areas which directly affect the bottom line
• Provide insightful perspective into your customers’ experiences.
• Competitive Intelligence Reports with RSI. supporting tools

RSI Mystery Shoppers Services to mentioned industries:

• Mystery shopper Visits inspection
• Mystery shopper Telephone /Reservation inspection
• Mystery shopper Business Web site/Email inspection
• Mystery shopper Products Delivery inspection
• Mystery Shopper Integrity (Cash Control) Inspection
• Mystery Shopper Security & Parking Inspection
• Mystery Shopper Weeding Inspection