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Environment & Sustainability:

• RSI a professional Provider for Environmental Services consulting & Solutions with national and international experience.
• Our seasoned team of professional environmental consultants provides superior solutions for environmental, natural, cultural and sustainable resources.
• RSI can provide support as well as efficiency and productivity gains by bundling our services to meet your needs.
• Our Dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced consultants have allowed us to quickly respond to the emerging trends related to corporate, social, and environmental sustainability including: the energy and water and waste management.
• Implement a management system to maintain and verify compliance with all environmental National and International laws, regulations and legislations.


• Property Environmental Onsite Assessment (ESA)
• Environmental analysis at national accredited Lab.
• Sustainability Consulting , providing and developing innovative sustainability services that meet the growing demand for corporate, industrial, and environmental sustainability
• Waste Management Planning & Design
• Transportations Environmental Impact Analysis
• Sustainability and Training Course
• international Sustainability certifications schemes audits delivery