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Health, Safety:

RSI provide a wide range of Health & Safety training and consultancy services to several of industry sectors including construction, manufacturing, hotels

General Services & Training Programs:

• FTO Health and safety Inspection
• Fire safety Inspection
. • Health and safety policy preparation
• Environmental policy preparation
• Development of health, safety and environmental management systems in accordance with:
• OHSAS 18001
• ISO 14001
• Conducting workplace risk assessments visit.
• Risk management program.
• Assistance with the preparation of method statements and safe working procedures.
• Accident investigation.


If you have a group of employees requiring Health & Safety training we offer all our courses on a private basis at a venue of your choice or at our facility at RSI. This can work out more cost effective and the training can be tailored s Specifically to your company needs.

Legionella Pneumophila Control Risk Assessment:

Legionnaire’s disease is a serious and potentially life threatening lung infection that is caused by the bacteria Legionella, Legionella bacteria are found naturally at low levels in the environment. They are commonly found in lakes, streams, rivers, ponds and soils. However, man made environments can also provide an environment that allows Legionella to increase to large numbers like refrigeration , humidifiers , coolers , cooling towers , fountains , irrigation system , water distributions , fire frightening water system , boilers. RSI can provide a Legionella Pneumophila control program for Hotels, Resorts, restaurants, Production centers, Factories, Suppliers, Hospitals, Clubs, and Universities.

RSI Legionella Pneumophila Program:-

• Legionella Pneumophila Control and Prevention Risk Assessment based on Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre and European Working Group Legionella Infection as follows:
• Identification of the premises, Premises Description and Evaluation and Legionella Initial Inspection Questionnaire , Recommendations and Action Plan
• Legionella Documentation, Legionella Premises Inventory and Legionella Systems Description
• Surface swaps, Water Microbiological and Legionella analysis at accreted ISO 17025 Lab Water Quality Investigations, All methods are applied based on the Egyptian, EPA and WHO standards.
• Legionella Maintenance Log Book Records and Documents Measuring and Analytical Control
• Rehabilitation to achieve RSI Legionella Pneumophila Control Program and Prevention Certificate Compliance