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About RSI Group

We deliver sustainable excellence of service

  • Background

    Rock Shield International (RSI Group) is a Professional provider in Audit, Inspection, training, and consultancy delivering high quality services to help our customers meet the growing challenges of quality, health & safety, and environmental protection.

    We offers innovative solutions that goes beyond customer’s expectations with simple compliance with regulations and standards, reducing risk, improving performance and promoting sustainable development. This is achieved through the legal compliance and development and adoption of strong management practices and processes designed to eliminate the risk of exposure that customer is facing at workplace.

  • Our Core Values

    • Integrity as individuals and a company in our business practices.
    • Accountability on the part of our staff to deliver on their commitments to RSI and our customers.
    • Collaboration and teamwork among our staff to deliver for customers and achieve our goals.
    • Creativity in developing solutions to challenges encountered by our customers as well as in our internal processes.
    • Adaptability to address and proactively embrace changing conditions in our marketplace, industry and company.
    • Performance and technical excellence delivered to all assignments, both external and internal
    • Sustainability in business practices integrated into our daily operations to contribute to a clean and sustainable environment.
    • Safety as an integral part of our company culture, giving employees the training and equipment they need to get their jobs done without injury.

  • Quality Assurance

    • Rock Shield International (RSI) believes that Quality Assurance is a method of regular and systematic monitoring and evaluation of different areas of a service provision to improve the quality and standards of lives of the customers who use our service.
      We are committed to ensure all the ‘Essential Standards of carrying out our services and relevant legislative requirements are met.
      Quality is determined by our customers, their relatives, advocates, and related professionals.
      We are committed to deliver quality services and offer continuous improvement, effectiveness, efficiency and value for money.
      This will be achieved within a framework of equality and values that promote the rights and desires of our customers who use our services.
      We believe that there is always room for improvement and all staff must adhere to total commitment to quality and improvement in every aspect of their work every work day.

      Monitoring Framework
      We aim to ensure that through quality framework to liaise with all the stakeholders regularly to ensure their views are heard and accommodated as far as possible by implementing the standards of quality and safety by the following methods:
      • Customer feedback/survey forms
      • Stakeholders (careers, advocates and professionals) feedback/survey forms
      • Complaints procedure and monitoring
      • Compliments feedback forms
      • Staff survey form (Team meetings, training, supervision and appraisals)
      • Equal opportunities in all aspects
      • Regular reviews and update of policies and procedure in light of changing legislations
      • Incident & Accident reporting
      • Company Performance monitoring based our KPIs
      • Quality Assurance Action Plan (recording and monitoring changing needs)
      • Health and safety , Workplace risk assessments
      • Pre-employments checks to ensure the safety of customer
      • Customer reviews at least annually

      Managers/Seniors/Line Managers would be responsible to ensure all above policies are followed to meet customers’ needs. Managers to ensure to carry out all our servicers to identify the areas of improvement and follow up properly to meet the standards
      Directors responsibilities RSI Directors to ensure all the policies and procedures are implemented as to fulfil legal obligations.

      Managing Director


  • Our 100% Guarntee

    • RSI is committed to provide its customers with the highest level of care and attention at all times, through:
      • Providing professional service.
      • Responding to all enquiries quickly and effectively.
      • Delivering a service that is straightforward and problem free.
      • Tailoring a solution to meet customer’s needs.
      • Listening, learning and improving on all aspects of our service.

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